Mastering the Art of Commercial Product Photography

Enticing consumers with high-quality commercial product photography is a must for any company, organisation or eCommerce business looking to grow and expand. After all a great picture speaks a thousand words and can capture an audience almost immediately.

At Lovelight Commercial we have mastered the art of commercial photography, with over 50 years combined experience in Business Portraits, Actor Headshots & Portfolios, Product & Branding and Food & Lifestyle photography. Our creative team will work with your company or organisation producing unique and high-quality commercial images related to your business, brands and products.

Glimpse into Lovelight Commercial Product Portfolio

Lovelight Commercial Photography Portfolio

How we master our Commercial Product Photography:

In order to get results we believe in mastering the following:

  1. State of the Art Studio Equipment – We use Bowens studio lighting and the latest 50MP Canon 5DS DSLR’s, combined with Canon L-series lens to ensure all images contain super sharp detail.
  2. Great Lighting & Complimentary Backgrounds – With great lighting comes great responsibility! Lighting is one of the single most important factors in commercial product photography and will make a colossal difference to the final result of an image. Another important factor to bear in mind is using the right backgrounds that compliment your product. At Lovelight we believe that client research and planning is key. We’ll prepare a picture-perfect background and use great lighting that will enhance your brand or product to produce the best results.
  3. Meticulous Editing – Once we have completed your photoshoot, it’s time to begin our meticulous editing process. Our creative team work with the latest Photoshop software to clean up any snags and enhance your photos, giving you a flawless range of photos that are in line with your original brief.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Aubeterre Blue and their Blue Secret Chef to bring you this delicious winter loaf which was featured on their blog.

Commercial Product Photography

Here is some of our other work for Aubeterre Blue.

 Aubeterre Blue Christmas Cookie Cutter Shaped String Lights

Commercial Prodcut Photography

 Aubeterre Blue Glassware

Commercial Product Photography
  Aubeterre Blue Carafes Commercial Product Photography

Aubeterre Blue Pinks and Copper

Commercial Product Photography

To view Stuart’s full portfolio please visit our website or Facebook page. As well running the studio, Stuart also looks after all our commercial clients. He is a qualified member of BIPP, the British Institute of Professional Photographers. If you have a project you’d like to discuss, please contact Stuart via email or on 01483 237300.